Tat-Along : Little Lace Mat rang 3

Toutes les participantes avancent dans leur Tat-Along,
c'est un plaisir de frivoler ensemble !
Voici mon rang 3 !


- 2 navettes (two shuttles) 
- fil : Handy Hands Lizbeth 40 coloris 646 et 647 
- patron original : Little Lace Mat 
- designer : Norma Benporath 
-Diagramme : réalisé par Jon Yusoff 
- Mes explications écrites en français : Little Lace Mat rang 3

Il n'est pas trop tard pour nous rejoindre.

Soyons frivoles ^_^


  1. This is beautiful work and would love to join, I can not right now, have 3 projects I need to finish up first. How often does she do these projects I might try her next one.

    1. I organize this tat-along on the facebook french-speaking group "frivolité". The next one will be the doily "under an african sky". It would be great if you join, because I don't think that many french people wil,l because doilies are not very popular in France.
      Talking about Jon Yusoff, I don't know how often she proposes tat-along.
      A new one will begin soon on Craftree.

  2. So beautiful and soft looking!!! :)

  3. Très fin, très élégant, bref, superbe...
    Bises, belle journée.

    1. Merci beaucoup ! Je suis toujours heureuse de lire tes commentaires ^_^

  4. I LOVE this pattern, which looks especially beautiful in these colours.

    Good luck with African Sky. It makes me so sad- that is a design I just could not tat. Those Celtic knots are beyond me - I cannot tat them, no matter how hard I try. It is a wonderful pattern. : )

    1. Well I have never tryied celtic tatting, or block tatting. It will be a challenge ! Thank you for your support ^^

  5. Ton napperon est magnifique, si fin ! D'une régularité exemplaire :-), et les couleurs si bien choisies. :-).
    J'aime beaucoup les modèles de Jon Yusoff.


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